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Theology Books for Studying Doctrine and Scripture

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Freedom of the Will by Jonathan Edwards

This book won't be for everyone. Some of the readers are Armenians and some Calvinists and some, like me, unsure of where you sit on the matter. Nonetheless, this book provides valuable insight on the sovereignty and grace of God. With all this it needs to be said this book favors Calvinism, but don't be so quick to discount it if you disagree. It takes an approach I have not heard about the matter to explain divine sovereignty and I will not spoil it, but if this topic interests you this is a definite read. If you're interested in Freedom of the Will by Jonathan Edwards, click here.

Old Testament Theology by Paul R. House

If there is one thing many of us lack an adequate understanding of it is certainly the Old Testament. We fail to see how it ties into the New Testament, we fail to see how God is the same as in the New Testament, we fail to see Jesus among other things as well. House does a decent job of remaining unfavored to any specific view. Old Testament Theology looks at the canon of the Old Testament books and provides valuable insight on the summary of the content and explaining the theological significance. We have to understand that when the New Testament Biblical authors wrote their texts, the Old Testament was the only Bible they knew.

Knowing God by J.I. Packer

Knowing God is focused on three different aspects of the Christian life each with their own unique sense of conviction. The first section is all about how and why we know God. If we truly know God or if we know about him. For many this is a tough area and to the receptive there will be great benefit. Second there is a section devoted to the attributes of God and his character. For those who don't know...surprise! It's vastly different than ours. Lastly, he dives into the benefits his children, those save, can experience with Him as our Father. Do we experience them? If not why? its for us and his glory!

50 Core Truths of the Christian Faith: A Guide to Understanding and Teaching Theology: Gregg R. Allison

For the expert and for the novice this book is beneficial. As we need to learn ourselves it is important to sometimes take a step back and focus on the essentials. Through study it can be easy to get caught up on exhaustive doctrine that we forget the basics and this book looks at those subjects. Additionally, as we speak to others about Christ we may have a hard time explaining things and the good thing is, someone has done the heavy lifting for us. Having this book in an arsenal can provide ease for answering questions and guiding the new convert or the skeptic in the right direction. If 50 Core Truths of the Christian Faith sounds right for you, then pick up a copy!

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