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Resources for Bible Study

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

The Power of Study Bibles

I feel confident all of us can relate to opening up the Bible with much ambition to read a passage of chapter only to feel stumped twenty or thirty minutes later about what we read, what the lesson was, how it ties to the story of Jesus, and what the overall theme is. We have more questions than when we started. Study Bibles are excellent resources to provide clarity, and there are several different kinds. Some of them are more academic for scholarly studies and some are more generalized as they provide summaries but not historical facts and translation of the original language. Depths will be introduced to your Bible studies that have not been previously encountered, and for any Christians seeking to grow you will not regret adding one of these to your collection for daily reading.

Personalized Protection with Bible Covers

Anyone who is reading this can attest to a level of clumsiness that we have all experienced. We fall, drop things, get dirty and our Bibles are no different. Spending your money on a Bible just to have it ruined with water or food or other unnecessary things is disheartening. For those who like to read and study outside in the calm and quiet of nature will find a different set of challenges of preserving our Bible. Fortunately, we have Bible Covers to not only protect our valuables but also to add some personal style to it as well. Protect what is valuable to you like we do our phones and invest in a cover.

The Magic of Commentaries

Sometimes study Bibles do not go in the depth we need. While they are amazing, commentaries provide opportunity to examine line-by-line dialogue from a desired author or theologian about what is going on within the text. I know there are times I read my study Bible and want insight on a specific verse and instead get a summary of five verses, four of which were already clear. Written by scholars and experts, commentaries provide indispensable analysis and for those studious individuals this is the right choice!

Nurturing with Devotionals

Let's admit, life is fast and time slips away from us. We may not always have twenty minutes to an hour to sit and pray, read, and study. However, all of us have five minutes to lay something on our mind to set us on the right course throughout the day. Devotionals can uplift your spirit and strengthen your relationship with God. Whether you like devotionals themes around books, themes, or seasons there is one for everyone and every need.

Reflecting and Journaling

Any day we wake up is vastly different from the last. Our emotions, thought, and actions are always changing and a month or a year from today we become entirely different people with new perspective. As we reflect on ourselves and our growth, having a journal can do wonders to show our progress and present a lasting record of our encounters with God.

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