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I hear people say "life is all about how you look at it" [ your prospective ]. Yet in a perspective of looking at the bad (or) the good. So today may I challenge you to not just look at the bad (or) the good. Rather find a perspective that looks at both good and bad. In this way let's look at the things life brings us. If we make a bad discussions for instance, if we sin. We must find out how to respond to it, and how to handle it. Yet also know where these sins could lead us. If we gave up, where would we end up? Would you still be that loveing child of GOD everyone sees?[YES, yes you would, DONT let that get to you GOD still LOVE you AMEN]. Furthermore, analying these sinful behavior and ask your self is this benfiting GOD or any of the people around me? And when this is done it can only lead us to one thing, the Heavenly Father and all goodness that life with Him has to offer. Therefore I challenge you again mighty warrior, turn your gaze to the things in life that please GOD our Heavenly Father and benefit, and others. Not to ignore the bad but rather to focuse on [the good things] GODs goodness and all the blessings thing that He Himself has brought to your life.Yet take into account that good things aren't always easy. But you as a mighty warrior of GOD know what needs to be done. Now lets me ask you this question "are you gonna continue in these bad discussions and find death (or) run towards life in GOD the Father" "Carry that cross yall that's what we where designed for AMEN not get out of here and go make your Father proud"


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