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I hear people say "life is all about how you look at it" [ your prospective ]. Yet in a perspective of looking at the bad (or) the good. So today may I challenge you to not just look at the bad (or) the good. Rather find a perspective that looks at both good and bad. In this way let's look at the things life brings us. If we make a bad discussions for instance, if we sin. We must find out how to respond to it, and how to handle it. Yet also know where these sins could lead us. If we gave up, where would we end up? Would you still be that loveing child of GOD everyone sees?[YES, yes you would, DONT let that get to you GOD still LOVE you AMEN]. Furthermore, analying these sinful behavior and ask your self is this ben…


Jesus is God .so God died for ous . And God comes again for ous.

God doing every thing for ous.

But we are not doing anything for God

So please do best for your God jesus .

I am from India.

Name doravarma

Tymothi Rodriguez

Jesus died for all of man's sins. What does this mean to you?

Jesse en Sem knijpstra
Jan 01

for me its simply the most terrible and wonderful Aspect of the unconditioned love God provides us with. Alongside with truth, humility, patience, kindness. Here one can see, that its impossible to do this on your own. Can simply not happen. We all need the Spirit of god and his guide. There is only one that is, all the others become and will perish.


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Ethan Duff

I suffer from anxiety and living alone I ask you all for any biblical guides to conquer this?



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